OF COURSE IT is easy to become distracted. All around us the world shouts and crashes and creaks and flutters. And within us, our own egos call for our attention. Great arms of self-consciousness rise from the canyon’s depths and shake us with worries about our own lives, concerns of what others might be thinking about us. Our thoughts whirl around, cycling over what to say next; a chaos of impressive words aiming to convince, to boast, to sound cool, to comfort, to praise, to fix.



















Yet notice when you have become sidetracked, and narrow in upon the meaning of your Other’s story and the emotions in their tone. If the response forming in your mind is worth sharing, it will make itself known to you again after you have fully heard your Other out. Silence and attunement to your Other will allow you to gather the right information to respond empathetically and cement your bridge into solid ground.