JUST AS YOU HOPE your Other understands clearly what you have shared of yourself, you do your connection justice by turning your whole being towards them in service of understanding. This is a most difficult part of our bridge crossing.

FOR TO LISTEN wholly means to walk the furthest extent we can over the dizzying heights, to stand suspended over the precipice, at the very edge of our Other’s ledge. We must risk letting go of our own thoughts and desires that crowd the landscape on our own side of the rift. For what we behold in the clear and immediate presence of our Other’s perspective may forever alter our own. If we really listen, we may hear something that changes our opinions, our sense of reality as we know it. Therefore, to truly listen we have to be open to being transformed.


So we stand, focused, with the canyon winds rising up to our feet, and direct our whole being toward witnessing our Other’s world.